Levine Quotes

The world is full of people who are at receiving end. They cannot give but always expects people to give them. There is nothing wrong in receiving but there is something wrong when you are always at the receiving end. It diminishes us when our life is full of receiving without giving out too.- Very Rev.Monsignor Livinus Ukah
One thing I love about Nigerians is that they have the heart to endure and also complain. Complain to who? If nobody hears, what can you do? And the answer is, where can we go from now? If no answer, we will take it as the trend in politics of today, the politics of rhetoric that has flogged us to believe what we do not see.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
“Imagine! What gain can one get in playing a crafty act? Some prefer where they can get what they want in an easy manner devoid from the proper way. If it works for you, it does not work for me. I must get what I want in a proper way to retain my dignity. Those who play corner-corner have fake personality and have lost direction, meaning and purpose of life. They are like “Fake news.”- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
When man lives outside God’s plan, he experiences disharmony and spiritual frustration and alienation.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
In life, some are great and some are trying to make it in life. Therefore, my own persona is different from your persona. What attracts people to me may not be found in you too. My growing and struggles may not match with you. It means that I have gone through many things in life that helped to shape me and you may not have the stamina to do so and that is why we are different. We must know that we are really different. But our differences should not disunite us but each person must know his boundaries.- #MonsignorUkah #LevineReflections #AuthorOfTheUnfinishedBusinessOfLifeAndPoliticsOfPower
3. All over the world, social justice is violated. Many people today violate justice. God who owns the world says, “Live and let others live”, but man says No. People inflict injustice on their neighbours. The government of the world continues to inflict hardships on their subjects. There is war all over. Refugees are all over.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
Nigeria has become a mobile society where people are on the move and addresses are changed every time because of movement. Each time people from the village come to see their relations, they found out that they have moved out. To where? Nobody knows. Neighbors do not interact enough with each other for fear of knowing what they do. You can have problem in the night and shout but neighbors will watch what is happening through the window.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
6. Social justice is necessary at this very time, justice from those in power, justice from those who are under authorities. Those under authorities should not do underground work to destroy what is there or dethrone their masters or undermine the integrity of the authorities. Authority comes from God. It is given. You cannot take it away from someone. Those who do not respect authorities when they are in power will experience hell during their turn. Their subjects will create hell for them and that will be the time nemesis will rule their life. We all are called to promote social justice and not to sabotage it- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
It is too easy to throw back on others responsibility for injustices without one knowing that he is a part of it.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
1. Self-fulfillment has something to do with enriching yourself with what you are doing and enriching others. It has something to do with enjoying your work, which contributes to enrich you spiritually and enrich others, leaving legacies everywhere.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
Many people who attempt cheap popularity never ended well. They never know that life is like a green mango fruit. It does not ripen in one day. It takes time to ripen and when it is ripened, everyone will know that it is really a mango. We can’t fake life. We can’t be what we are not!- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
A self-dominated, monopolistic life, a life not shared, a life left to be rusticated is not a life well lived- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
“In any community there must be some people inspired by God to give. If one really knows that God gives him to give, he will not be afraid of anyone to give because he gives freely not out of pride. He gives because he knows that it is in giving that he receives. That he is inspired to give. A giver has that gift from God. He does not look at people when he gives. A giver is a source of joy and happiness to the community. He does not give because he is the richest in the community. God uses him to bring others out to give. Others are paralyzed by fear that others may do something to tap their destiny when they give. This is fetish, unless your source is not from God”.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
5. A political society should be ordered very well. It should be beneficial and in keeping with human dignity and grounded in truth. Cosmopolitan cities of the world maintain the same order. An American presidential aspirant, Mr. Crux was discriminated by Donald Trump that he was not born in America but in Canada and has no right to vie for American presidency. That was bad politics. Instead of building bridges Trump builds walls. There is need to live anywhere and develop the area where one lives. Urgent reforms are needed and programmes undertaken must help to reduce inequalities and discrimination- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
One should not be alienated by one’s own lifestyle and pseudo-philosophy of life but should be helped, as the sick is helped by the doctor.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
A society that allows one man to be the only source of good ideas is heading to extinction.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
How can we receive with dignity when we are always at the receiving end? It is always easy to know the mind of the giver whenever he gives the person who is always at the receiving end. The person who is always at the receiving end is spiritually poor.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
“Life fulfillment is not displaying our power or our wealth through the kind of cars we drive, or the neighborhood we live in. when a person feels a sense on self-esteem; when he is confident and secured in himself and reaches out to others, he can said to be a fulfilled person. When we lack self-esteem we feel “one kind”. In order to have a genuine sense of ourselves, we must know ourselves very well and be able to assess objectively our virtues and weaknesses”.- #MonsignorUkah #LevineReflections #AuthorOfTheUnfinishedBusinessOfLifeAndPoliticsOfPower
“We need to overcome the social stigma that does not allow us to enter into interpersonal communication with each other and manage each other even though we come from different backgrounds. The universe is unfolding. It is when we can manage each other and make use of our usefulness that we can have visibility in the community and country at large. If we deny people visibility, it can affect our development. When you manage me and I manage you, we can loom high in the sky. If you manage me and I manage you and what comes in our relationship will be our shared experiences which can make both of us visible”- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
It is very pathetic to see many young boys and girls wasting their lives without knowing it. The country does not know what it is losing in the labour market. The social cost is immense. We must know that a dysfunctional home breeds dysfunctional children. You are what you bring into the world and what you bring into the world will either give you happiness or create hell for you.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
“One should know that success in life is not achieved at a drop of hat. It is a continuous effort, non-stop but full of obstacles, falling and rising, crying and blaming people but confidence in one’s self is the watch word”.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
4. Everybody has a right to live including the unborn baby in the mother’s womb. Man has a right to food, shelter, medical care and the social services. He has a right to security in cases of sickness and inability to work, widowhood, old age and unemployment. He has also a right to migrate but you cannot be an immigrant in your own country. He has economic rights to work and improve his economic condition. He has a right to build industries that will create employment and government will collect its taxes thereby helping to develop the nation.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah
2. A fulfilled life gives joy and others participate in others’ joys and achievements. Everything about the person speaks to the public. As a fulfilled person he is not afraid of others. He is contended with what he has from God. He appreciates others, and he appreciates nature. The experience of life has helped him to be what he is now. A look at his life, past and present, gives him a sense of wholeness and fulfillment.- Very Rev. Monsignor Livinus Ukah