We cannot just jump into tomorrow without working hard for today. How we encounter today will determine our tomorrow. If we receive today with courage and hope, tomorrow will yield numerous blessings, hope, swimming in the pool of happiness. Our smiles become infectious to others. Others will question themselves why their faces are like the ten days rain. We begin to change perception of ourselves, that if that man can put wonderful smiles on his face why not me.Smiles do a lot on people. Smiles can be cosmetic but we do not spend a lot of time defining different smiles but smiles that can question me and ask me to forge ahead in life without being a slave to my negative thoughts. The smile I see on people’s face can be a great lesson for me in spite of my condition. It can revitalize me; it can point out to me that tomorrow is pregnant and it can hatch good news and good luck for me. It can reveal an angel of God who will console me and bring someone who can brighten my tomorrow. All I know is that if I stand firmly on today’s hardship, endure them with hope, with an eye of tomorrow, your blessings come through. Every hard work has its blessings, its joys and feelings of “I have made it”, a feeling that should be shared with all especially with those who sit down blaming the day they were born. One must start doing something and stop sitting on the arm chair of sorrows and thoughts of bleak tomorrow that is not yet in reality.

Your today will help to bring tomorrow to reality. Tomorrow cannot be a fantasy. Life is like a journey. As you explore all the avenues of your today, you will see a divine spark, a luminous light pointing to you in one direction showing you how your pregnant tomorrow will eliminate your life for a productive tomorrow that started today. Your hard work during the day, the confidence you have; trust in God and the negative environment you have conquered help to shape the landscape of your life. As you did not allow the obstacles of today prevent you from looming high in hope, your tomorrow smiles at you. When tomorrow’s smiles invite you at the gate, you have to use the lesson of yesterday to grab all the blessings. It does not mean that you will get everything on the platter of gold. You have to do all that is required to get what you want. As you enter tomorrow, shaped by your former today, you don’t expect pie from heaven; you don’t abandon your tools of yesterday for tomorrow. You shall work hard to accomplish your desired goal. The effort of today will diminish or eliminate obstacles that will prevent you from enjoying tomorrow. So, life is a struggle and how you struggle will determine your tomorrow.

When tomorrow comes it will not come to us as a surprise; we have prepared for it. We welcome it because, we have prepared for it. Preparing for tomorrow gives us courage and hope to welcome it when it comes. This is a sign that we know what life is all about, that our preparation for every day brings us success. An unprepared today leads to an unprepared tomorrow. When we are dysfunctional our brokenness carries us nowhere, there is no way to think correctly in a healthy manner to plan for tomorrow so our tomorrow becomes bleak. When you effectively take care of today, tomorrow becomes easy. When you don’t do so, but drags today’s problems to tomorrow, life becomes burdensome, frustrations and full of hang-ups. Whom do you blame? Work well today for a harvest of joy tomorrow.

Very Rev. Msgr Livinus Ukah

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