This is the law of conscience. To avoid this leads to our spiritual doom. Any one that destroys his conscience is a living being with no spark of God in him. In fact he has made himself a robot, an artificial thing that has no sense of direction. God is a law-giver. He made laws and gave them to Moses to give his people to abide by it. To abide by the law is to live. Laws inspire us to live as God directs us; to live as his children. Not living according to the law creates crisis in us and makes us criminals of the law. When we develop a sense of not living according to the law, we have become a law of our own, a demi-god who does not care about the law-giver, God who put us here on earth.

Breaking the law starts from childhood if our preparation into the world was not cared for and shady. We are not like animals. We live in families and develop very well until we form our own family. Animals live for a while and they separate and may not recognize their roots. We have roots. Our life is rooted in God the law-giver. The way we rear our children determines their destiny in life. When you see how young people behave in the world today, you wonder if they come from good families. Family scripts are the basis of our judgement. If you see how young people show case their family script you pity them. They have no laws or rules to regulate their lives. They do things at the expense of real life. They live their own life. Community life is foreign to them. They want to live their own life as prescribed by themselves. What a hell! It is happening. Rules and etiquettes are unconventional.

Authorities are not for us to guide us. They are there to intimidate us and drive us to craziness. Rules and obedience to authorities and elders have become relics of the past. With this, one wonders where we are going to. All these are manifestations of the bizarre world full of false ideologies of today. When a young man begins to see himself as his own “governor” and nobody can teach him anything, the government can enlist such a person as a security risk. We all are born to contribute to the success of our family and our country and also know that we come from a law-giver, God. We cannot nuance the law and be outside it. We cannot be odd in the family, in the community and in the society.

Those who live by their own rules and laws must pay dearly to their consciences because there is no way we can dull our consciences even with highest level of alcohol and succeed in killing it. Conscience is our guide. There is no way we can be happy if we live such esoteric life, life devoid of meaning, shared life and community life. Many people who attempted such lives have their dirty foot notes in history. Today, we need models inspired by good values not people who will infest the world with ideologies that will terrorize people and they become a menace to the society. We must remember that we must be judged by the society we live in. No matter how we camouflage our lives, the society has a big eye of evaluating our so-called lifestyle. The society knows every script that we play. We are born to celebrate our good in God not gutter life. We are born to be big symbols to the society of young people not to be seen as a butt of ridicules. Our unexamined childhood is the cause of this man who lives outside the society.

Very Rev. Msgr. Livinus Ukah

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