Time has gone when a man is the only person working. With the advent of technology, numerous jobs are created not only for men but for women as well. Technology has created an opportunity for a working class woman to work and earn salary to help her partner. Man is no longer the only one that brings bread to the table. If a man wants to marry, he would like to get an educated woman to enable him make ends meet. Many young men are of that opinion. Nobody likes a domestic housewife or who will bear children like a factory. Man is conscious of the family economy and that is why when a man gets two children, people begin to say it is enough especially when one of them is a male child. Man decides the number of children he wishes to get but has not consulted God.

The man that is deciding the number of children he will have might come from a family of ten but his parents never complained of having too much. If they had complained, he might not have been in this world to decide the number of children he himself who want to have. This is the world in which we live in, a world of rationalization, a world of excluding God in our decisions and the world that lacks values. Since this advent of technology, man has lost his bearing and there is always a disconnection with the Absolute.

Man is no longer growing a strong family of God, inspired by Jesus’ values. Man has entered the world of consumerism and materialism. He is threatened by lack. He is not future-oriented. He has forgotten that, that God who says “Increase And Multiply” is the same God of the contemporary man. He is an unchangeable God. The statement he made during the time of Abraham and other early prophets is still abiding till now. Why should man be afraid of the future, when you have a big God behind you and your sound health to earn your living and train your children?

Today, politics create that fear in us by dislocating us. Where we built to earn our living, are destroyed. Many young people have witnessed several times, where their shops were pulled down by the Government for the so-called development. When young people with feeble minds and little faith experience such storm in their lives, they feel life has ended. It is not so! Jesus is with us in every storm of our lives. The Apostles, who were in sinking boat with Jesus, saw how Jesus calmed the storm.

In Nigeria, the economic crises should not make us take quick decisions about our lives or running to America or Britain. That is not an answer to our problems. Nigeria is not too bad if we discover the way to live in it. Look at what is happening in America today. The President of America has his own immigration policy. There is strict entrance to America now. If the African Leaders plan well for their people, there wouldn’t be any exit to other countries. The young people would not be seduced when they see an American youth driving a big car. They do not know that it is on credit. America is a Credit driven society while Nigeria is a cash-and-carry society. So, every country has its own social arrangements. Mind what you watch on the Television. America today, is no longer what we used to dream of it as a child. America is changing. Politics is responsible for man’s alienation. When there is war, man looks for an exit and he is frustrated as a refugee in a foreign country. We see it happening today. It seems that everyone is going back to his own village. Even in your country you are leered at as if you are not needed and you don’t feel comfortable.

The working class man is faced with numerous problems; seeking for greener pastures, job insecurity, insecurity all around, planning to make it in the world, all In an attempt to meet the necessities of life. Many who have married according to the old traditional rites; that is, whom their parents chose wives for, can tell you their experiences of being the bread winner where they make it alone in the family.  They keep lamenting every day. Only very few escape the social craziness.


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