We all have gifts. How to bring it out is another challenge. When we sincerely bring out our gifts, people will appreciate it. When appreciated very well, we shine like stars. If it is not appreciated, we go back to our closets. We need to have confidence in ourselves because what is in us is a gift from God. It should be used to share with others and help others develop. The gift in us is not there for us alone. It is meant to be shared for the development of mankind. When you allow it to be dormant, it will affect you because every person born into this world must exercise his particularity and that is what makes a fulfilled person. If you look around under the bridges and roads, you see people degraded either by the society or they degraded themselves by failing to be what God wants them to be in life. They failed to make use of God’s gift and allow it to decay. They misuse the gift of God and pay dearly for it.

There is a price we pay for not being who we are supposed to be. There is no way we can repair the damages we cause to our self for failure to contribute to the society with the gift of God, even to our immediate families. What a life! Even robots pretend to be like humans, they act like men and some; like women. Why can’t we actualize ourselves and let our gifts shine. Is it laziness that caused us to lose our gift? Is it the society?Is it doing what you like at the expense of the spiritual?  Is it by smoking weed? Is it that others lured you into it and after trying, you became trapped?You cannot know that living in the society can be dangerous. Nobody censors what you do. What is freedom? People use freedom as an excuse to escape life.  Many, who always use freedom as an excuse, have never succeeded in the real world of reality where responsibility is essential and synergy to work hard with eyes fixed to the future.

I have never seen a man who sneaks out with hidden agenda, become full of joy to maintain the gift God has given him. He always looks for happiness outside while the happiness is inside him. God wants us to be purposeful and help to expand the universe through our creativity, but some would like to live on their own. To be on your own without experience, is destruction.  That is why we have many people in the world today, who are social and spiritual casualties because they have misused their gifts. A conscious society is always conscious of its people and how beneficial their gifts can be and knows where its members are deteriorating in values and contribution to the society. So it is very pertinent that we live in a sane society, where we can preserve our gifts and through affirmation from the society, we become aware of our contradictions which make others to misjudge us.  This is self-awareness. Self-awareness is a sign of growth and part of learning.



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